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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mission Partner Stalker

(I'm not sure who knows and who still doesn't, so that's why I'm posting today)

At MTW, I got assigned a mission partner- Sasha Horn. Sasha and I did sample presentations together and we were assigned the Jordan mission. After we got home and she discussed it with her parents and teachers, she unfortunately found out she was not going to be able to come with me this mission. So, after about a week- I got assigned a new mission partner! Her name is Taylor Dorr (like.. door;). Taylor got put in a "Mystery Mission" category at MTW and therefore wasn't assigned a mission.. till a week later! So- ever since I found out Taylor was going to be my mp- (mish partner), I've been trying to find out some things about her {stalker} haha oh Taylor- be prepared!
  • Taylor likes/loves:
    • Piano- (Been playing piano for 10 years {as compared to my 6 months hehe})
    • To swim- this is her 4th year on the varsity swim team at NA.
    • JCrew (My best friend in the world loves JCrew- so it must be a sign! :)
    • Sappy movies
    • The Office, SNL, and Parks and Recreation
    • Cereal- cheerios, special k (with or without milk)
    • Fiber one bars
    • Hummus-  yum.
    • Marshmallows
    • White chocolate
    • friends and family
  • Dislikes
    • Seafood- esp. shrimp and shellfish (no sushi for tay haha)
    • Raisins (oh good)
I didn't get to know Taylor as well as some other people at MTW, but I know that we will be great MPs and make a student team like Jordan has never seen before! :)  She is a very prepared and smart girl and I'm honored that I get to experience this life changing mission with her. I know we will have such an amazing time! :)

{I didn't think I could find a picture of us, but I did! That's Taylor on the very left- me on the very right;)}

Can't wait Tay! 16 days! :D

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  1. Hi- Welcome to the team. I am Leslie the child life specialist for the team -so I am sure you'll get to know me well. My husband is from UT, I went to BYU.

    If you have any questions you can email me at