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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm HERE!!!!! Thankful Thursday

Just wanted to give you a quick update!!

After an all-nighter on Tuesday finishing up packing and my awesomeee English paper- I left btown on Wednesday, Feb 24 at 10:15am, took a 5 hour flight to New York, met up with Tay and Amanda and some other people on my team, and then departed JFK at 10:10pm. The flight was so nice. No one sat next to me, so I had the whole 2 seats to myself to lay down on. I slept and slept some more and watched a little bit of Love Happens. It was cheesy but cute. I also watched a little bit of Harry Potter and thought of Team Harry back at home. :D (Just a hint for my friends leaving on missions soonish: be prepared to be moved.. FAST. We had to go through security SEVERAL times and it was hectic with all of our stuff. This includes taking off your shoes. So just be aware. We had to go through before we got on the plane, and also after we got off the plane).

I arrived in Amman at about 4;30 pm- we are 9 hours ahead of Btown time, --7 hours ahead of standard eastern time-- It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL here. I can't even believe it. Everyone is sooooo friendly and I am having the time of my life.

After we got to Amman, we got our luggage-- Between Taylor, Amanda and myself we looked like we were ready to live here with how big out bags were. We took a bus to our Hotel about half an hour away from the airport. Don't worry- I have been taking lots and lots of pictures!! AND Video. Be prepared to watch a lot of me when I get back- I'm going to have an amazing video diary.

We headed to our hotel which is the Al Qasr Metropole Hotel in Amman. It is SO beautiful. I am so suprised at the quality of this place. It is so wonderful. Taylor and I are sharing a room which  looks like a toy store threw up in. Dont' worry, this is a good thing:) We are literally covered in the hundreds of donations we got. THANK YOU.

After getting settled in, we went with the rest of our team to the Jordanian Operation Smile Headquarters. Ok-- so the JOSH is like.. SOOOOOOOOO much nicer than Headquarters in Norfolk. The entire city is actually so nice. We passed a Carls Jr. (Here it's called Hardy's), a Subway, McDonalds, two KFC's.. It's crazy nice. So why am I here on a medical mission that offers free surgery to patients? Well, the patients that we are working on are from Palestine and also the surrounding areas of Jordan that are unsafe to go to. Jordan is a peaceful area where patients can come. Don't worry- I have never felt safer.

After our huge team meeting @ HQ, (we learned everythigna bout the mission site and introduced everyone to everyone.. it is so cool. I feel so much love here. It's in the air. Everyone here is so so so nice and they all speak such beautiful English. They keep saying 'Thank You' to US but honestly, THEY are doing everything FOR us. They are such a selfless people and I am honored to be part of this team. We socialized and they brought us pizza to eat. It was really good. I don't know what type of cheese was on it but it was a lot creamier than anything in the states. The crust was also very gooooood. :) Really sweet compared to the US.

Right now, Taylor is on the other computer and I am in here. It is raining really hard outside. Our first day of Pre-Screening is tomorrow. We are up and fed and ready for a team meeting and leaving to the hospital at 7:30 tomorrow morning. So about time for me to go to bed at home.. psh what a joke, I don't sleep at home anyways:)

Thank you so much for everything. I miss everyone of course, but I really honestly don't miss anyone or anything. Like.. It's so hard to explain. I'm just HERE. and I'm so content. I care and love you- but I am not homesick, I am not wishing that I was at home, I am not feeling sad that I am not sitting in English or Math.. haha. I am completely in love with this place. I am already sad to be leaving in a week and a half. The team is fantastic. The atmosphere, beautiful. The feeling- priceless. To everyone at home and really, just everyone who isn't here\: Thank you. Claire, the letter brought tears to my eyes as I read it. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and countless others. Both Taylor and I had to put our Claire Bears in space bags so they are kindof suffocating right now :)
Brooke, your letter was so colorfulllll I LOVED it. Thank you. I really am so excited for you to go on your mission. and SO soon!!!
To everyone who sent me texts and emails: They are beautiful and I will cherish them. As I landed in New York, I got a ton of texts saying good luck and it was so emotional. I don't know how to describe what I was feeling. I just felt so much immense love coming from home and all around and I just started crying. I don't know why. I just felt tears streaming down my face and they wouldn't stop. It has been a really emotional day.
Alexander: I tried calling you back after you left your message. Heather-- she was a post op nurse I think on YOUR mission. She is on mine! She said you and Dalton were fabulous. I guess I have a lot to live up to\
KJ: Good luck tonight. I think it's opening night for you. You are awesome and I love you. Break a leg! Make Poff proud. haha
Mitch: Don't die. And yes, I trust you;)

This has already been the most rewarding expereince of my life. And I haven't even seen kids yet! It kindof all clicked like.. everything we do as students- Every single dollar we raise. Every single presentation that we give, every time we spread the word: It's all a part of a mission of Love for others that changes lives. Forever.

I am forever thankful on this  Thursday. I don't know what else to say.

Be safe, have fun, stay healthy, and smile:)

Love Always,



  2. I'm glad you didn't die of anticipation before you made it to Jordan :) Make sure you get to know alll of the kids really well and you better make awesome video journals hahaha