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My New Blog
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At ISLC '08

My name is Lisa Adachi. I have been involved with Operation Smile for 2.5 years now. I got involved with Op Smile after a friend invited to me the Utah Be Someone event while I was still in Junior High. That summer, I attended my very first International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) in 2008 where I was inspired and motivated to start being the change I wished to see in the world. I continued my involvement after that summer and fell in love with the cause. I helped start a local club, and attended the 2009 ISLC at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA and also the 2010 conference in Denver, Colorado.

 In January of 2010, I was accepted and attended the Winter Mission Training Workshop (WMTW) and was assigned a mission that February to Amman, Jordan. Most recently I was accepted onto the Operation Smile Executive Leadership Council (ELC) which consists of 15 Driven students from around the country who strive to grow student programs regionally within our states, as well as nationally and internationally. 

2010-2011 ELC :)
Operation Smile has done more than provide over 150,000 surgeries worldwide to children who were not given the opportunity to lead  a normal life because of a cleft lip/palate; It has changed my life. Since my initial involvement in 2008, I've just grown more and  more in love with this cause. It has given me a motivation and drive to be the best person that I can be while serving others. It has become a life changing outlet for me, as well as others. I watched a video once and someone on it said something along the lines of 'Operation Smile isn't just about the surgery, it's about the message'. I totally couldn't agree more. OS does something other than just give free life altering surgery. It goes much deeper than that.. Which is why I have become so passionate about it. 

"You'll be going to..AMMAN, JORDAN!"
After helping start a club at my school in Btown, Utah in 2009, I applied for the Operation Smile Winter Mission Training Workshop. In January of 2010, I gathered together with 38 other Driven students from around the country and trained for 4 days for the chance to be on a medical mission. After completing MTW, I was given the very first mission slot! Only 4 1/2 weeks after the training, I would find myself in Amman, Jordan.

I started this blog to document my preparations, feelings, emotions and thoughts before, during, and after the mission. Today, it serves as a place of refuge to me for whenever I want to remember the life-changing experience I had in the Middle East and also a place to record my involvement and current adventures with Operation Smile. 

Besides Operation Smile, I love adventure! People tell me I am crazy, in which case they would be right! :) I am overly enthusiastic and find life to be an absolute blessing. I work every single day to be thankful for what I have. I love to read, write, cook and go on long walks on the boulevard. I enjoy art and also photography. I am involved in DECA, Debate, National Honor Society, Senate, and just about any club you can be in. I play on an indoor adult league soccer team which I LOVE! I am not overly fantastic in one specific thing, but I find myself to be successful in almost anything I put my mind to.

I took this  photo of the Bounitful LDS Temple.. it's gorgeous!
 I love to serve in my church callings and my faith plays a large role in who I am and want to be. I plan on serving an 18 month church mission when I am eligible to do so. I love being a BRAVE and have an overwhelming amount of school spirit. I am going into my senior year and I am quite scared but excited. I have come a long way since my kindergarten days! 

My favorite things to do are to read (Jodi Picoult), draw/paint, blog (my personal blog, How To Save A Lifeguard), take photos and blast T-swift or Jack Johnson in my car as I sing along completely off key. My favorite past time is dancing in a rainstorm.  There are few things in life I find more beautiful than a sunset. I have an immense fear and phobia of birds (shudder). Something interesting about me is that I have met Jackie Chan, I can not do a right-handed cartwheel, and my dream is to go to Ireland. My motto for myself is that "Service is not just an act or a series of actions- it is a way of life". 

My dream is to become a mother and wife. Right now, I am working on taking hard courses within my school that allow for me to challenge myself. I don't really like to study, but find myself doing it quite a bit! ;) The world and psychology fascinate me. Human behaviour is such an intriguing subject for me. I excel in most of my classes, I am very thankful for inspirational and hardworking teachers who help me to reach my potential. I am very thankful for my school- I find that I belong there and I wouldn't go anywhere else if I was paid to do it! After high school, I plan to study broadcast journalism or communications in a school out of state. 

My friends and family mean the world to me- they are my biggest fans. 

Above all, I LOVE to laugh and smile! :) 

Thank you so much for all your support for the success of this blog!


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Smile! :)