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Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer Mission Training Workshop 2011

The newest class of Winter Mission Training! | January 2011 | Virgina Beach

When: July 28- 31, 2011 (not including travel)
Where: Beijing, China
Who: YOU

For those interested in applying for Summer Mission Training, applications may be found here

Applications are to be postmarked on or by MARCH 15, 2011
(note this is much earlier than in years past)

We encourage you to apply if you meet the application criteria, which include:
  • Being over 16 at the time of your mission (1-6 months after training)
  • Having been involved with Operation Smile for at least one year
  • Demonstrating exceptional leadership within a student club
  • Attendance at at least one ISLC (Denver 2010, Virgina 2009, San Diego 2008 etc)
Among other requirements. 

Applying for a mission is a serious and huge responsibility, but the most rewarding thing that could ever happen to you. Mission Training is an exciting and humbling honor- not all who apply are accepted with their first application, and not all who participate receive a mission at the end of that weekend (even though you WILL be given a *mystery mission* and WILL be given a mission assignment soon). However, it is so much fun and you will make and keep many amazing friends and share fun memories, all while learning how to change the world! :)

Please keep in mind that participants in Summer Mission Training will be required to attend the ISCE, as SMT will also be held in Beijing.

Good luck, and get going!! :)

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