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Monday, February 7, 2011

ISCE Registration CLOSED


Pretty much all I can say after the massive influx in registrations for our conference. Normally, we have priority deadline, and then the final deadline for registration. This year, the EARLY registration had to be closed EARLY! How awesome!?

Originally, the conference cap was at 350, but we will actually have closer to 750 PARTICIPANTS in this year! 


Yeah, that's what I said.

Registration is currently CLOSED, however you can email to be put on a waiting list. There will not be any more registration periods for ISCE due to the incredible response we got during the initial registration. 

The ELC and CC are working in unprecedented waters, way ahead of schedule, and with so much excitement leading up to the conference! 

We can't wait to meet all of you and experience the best week of your lives with you! :)

See you in 175!!!

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