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Friday, January 14, 2011

525,600 minutes

Since I was there,
Learning how to do this..
With these amazing people..
Getting this..
So I could.. 
be the change.

WMTW '11: Best wishes to all of you who have the privilege of attending Winter Mission Training in Virgina this weekend. It truly is, an honor and a privilege to be able to associate with some of the finest students in every aspect in the country. Embrace every moment and know that in a few short days, you will leave with an exciting responsibility in your hands and many, many people who you will want to keep as very close friends in your life. I can truly say that some of my most trusted and beloved friends are among you this weekend! They have impacted my life more than they probably know. I sure do love them!! :) While it has been a year since I attended my mission training, I will soon not forget the memories and the spirit that was in the air as we participated together in a weekend devoted to learning how you will soon hereafter change the world. 

As I look back on this one year that has elapsed so quickly, I can't help but feel so grateful for everything that has happened in my life- both the good and the bad, the fun and the hard. I feel as if I've grown up more in this one year of life than the many before it, combined. It would be impossible to say this validly without attributing it to my mission and the opportunities and experiences I've had through Operation Smile. 

Your work with this cause does not end this weekend, nor after your plane lands back down in the city you are used to calling "home"(significantly dirtier, jetlagged, tired, not caring about half the things you used to and significantly a happier, better person). Actually, this is just the beginning. 
I hope someone talks to you this weekend about how valuable you are to this world- You and I are truly a huge investment that the Magees have decided to make. Live up to it.

I can't wait for you to get your mission assignments. It really is such a happy and special moment! Please know that as ELC, we are ALL here to help you to do your best. Especially listen to Sam Devito because I swear she is the mission queen. (who else do you know that was all packed and ready to go 3 months before her mission??) :) I hope that this blog will be able to serve as a resource for you as well as you prepare for your mission.

Good luck to you, my friends! Please don't be disappointed if by chance you get the special honor of a mystery mission. Don't let negativity enter your experience. Smile all the time! :) Party hard!

:) See you in Beijing!


Ps: 11 of the 15 ELC's this  year attended WMTW '10 and will also be interviewing WELCs in China for ELC '12.. Just somethin' to keep in mind.. Be smart:)

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  1. (: This advice is the sweetest thing. I'm addicted to reading your blog!