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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poseidon Apparel

Hey everyone! It's been a while, I know!

Before I tell you all about how the ISCE went in China, I want to tell you about a way you can help Operation Smile and your wardrobe right now!

One of my best friends Alexander Bischoff has been involved with Operation Smile for 4+ years. We met at my first ISLC in  San Diego in 2008. Since then, we have grown up in this cause and in many other ways as great friends. Alexander went on a medical mission to Guwahati, India in December of 2009 where he was moved (as many of us are) to be a lifelong humanitarian and make moves.

I remember us talking the night before he left to India and he was telling me that he had a lack of OpSmile shirts (As students, we are required to wear OS gear every day on the mission) and so he made his very own OpSmile V-Necks. I think it's safe to say that after the mission, the two ideas meshed perfectly in his head and Poseidon Apparel was born.

A few years later, Alexander has successfully started his own movement called Style for Smiles under Poseidon Apparel. I think he explains it best:

"Poseidon Apparel is a clothing company dedicated to offering fashionable clothing to humanitarian-minded people aspiring to make a difference in the world.

The principle is simple: 50% of every purchase is donated to Operation Smile. These donations are then used towards life-changing cleft lip and palate surgeries.
Your role in creating a sea of smiles has a second effect: awareness. By wearing Poseidon Apparel products, you not only promote Operation Smile, but also the ideology of giving back in a world benefitted by selflessness. 
No one expects you to change the world... but what if you did?"
-Alexander Bischoff

Remember, it only costs $240 for a child to receive an operation that will transform his or her life. With 50% of the proceeds from each shirt donated to OpSmile, you can really make an impact on someone's life, forever. 

In just one month since it's debut, Poseidon Apparel has sold hundreds of shirts to grow awareness all over the world and has sponsored 6 surgeries. 

Student sporting Poseidon Apparel at the International Student Cultural Exchange in Bejing, China.

You can help the movement by purchasing your very own fashionable t-shirt, v-neck, crew-cut, or scoop neck available in a variety of colors and styles. I personally love my Poseidon Apparel, and I know you will too.

Operation Smile Co-Founders, CEO, Student Programs Staff, College Council and Executive Leadership show off Poseidon Apparel with Jackie Chan in Bejing, China

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 Poseidon Apparel

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ISCE Countdown

is down to 21 days!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this conference lately (obviously), and I’ve realized that I’ve been getting really excited about China. Being in China, traveling to China, and experiencing China. I guess you could say at times I’ve lost sight of the reason why we’re going to China. While the offsite activities, games, parties and the excitement are indeed a huge part of the conference, I’ve been able to fully reflect about how much I truly love Operation Smile and how life-changing it has been.

4 years ago this August, I attended my very first ISLC. I remember feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by all these incredible people who had accomplished so much in life at such a young age. Claire Crawford (now on the College Council) was on my team and I remember she wore this gorgeous dress and had this amazing flaming red hair and everyone knew who she was (duh, she started her own charity for crying out loud!). She won a fancy award at the conference and was the most humble, beautiful person I’d ever met- inside and out. Being a 15 year old child straight out of junior high, I was intimidated. Never in my life did I think I would someday go on a medical mission, serve on the ELC, win one of those fancy awards myself and most of all, be receiving letters in the mail, having heart to hearts on the couch and becoming great friends with the one and only Claire Crawford.

ISLC '10 Denver

That is just a super simple version of a really beautiful story of friendship and tender mercies, among many, many, others. I hope that you can get excited about the inspiring speakers you will listen to, the lifelong friendships you will create, and the intense love you will feel for a cause and people all over the world that you don’t even know.

I think all can agree that the beauty of Operation Smile is that you don’t have to be on the operating table under the scalpel to have your life changed forever. It is mission that heals smiles on faces and hearts in people, and that’s when you know you’ve got something special.

See you so soon!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello! I know so many of my new readers have lots of questions for me. Please leave your questions in the comments below and I'd love to answer them as best as I can.

Hope my regulars are getting excited for China! We are getting so close!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vivint Gives Back

Help OpSmile win part of the 1.25 million dollars Vivint is giving away to a charities through the Vivint Gives Back project. Just log into your Facebook, follow the link and endorse Operation Smile!

Here's your first click! 

It takes 20 seconds and we need your help! Spread the word!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

I have family and friends in Japan.

After a grueling day of not finding anything out, I found out most of my family is alive and ok. Friends are ok as well- despite being very harshly hit. We still have some friends who are unaccounted for, but we will find out as soon as we can. 

So far, we have been so blessed. Thank you for your thoughts, love, texts, hugs, and prayers. It has helped so much. 

Please continue to keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers. Please also help those around you who may, like me, have friends and family there. It is heartbreaking for me and it has been the most emotionally taxing day I've had in a long time. 

Thank you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer Mission Training Workshop 2011

The newest class of Winter Mission Training! | January 2011 | Virgina Beach

When: July 28- 31, 2011 (not including travel)
Where: Beijing, China
Who: YOU

For those interested in applying for Summer Mission Training, applications may be found here

Applications are to be postmarked on or by MARCH 15, 2011
(note this is much earlier than in years past)

We encourage you to apply if you meet the application criteria, which include:
  • Being over 16 at the time of your mission (1-6 months after training)
  • Having been involved with Operation Smile for at least one year
  • Demonstrating exceptional leadership within a student club
  • Attendance at at least one ISLC (Denver 2010, Virgina 2009, San Diego 2008 etc)
Among other requirements. 

Applying for a mission is a serious and huge responsibility, but the most rewarding thing that could ever happen to you. Mission Training is an exciting and humbling honor- not all who apply are accepted with their first application, and not all who participate receive a mission at the end of that weekend (even though you WILL be given a *mystery mission* and WILL be given a mission assignment soon). However, it is so much fun and you will make and keep many amazing friends and share fun memories, all while learning how to change the world! :)

Please keep in mind that participants in Summer Mission Training will be required to attend the ISCE, as SMT will also be held in Beijing.

Good luck, and get going!! :)