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OS Central

Operation Smile’s new online youth community, OS Central was developed and launched for young activist, of all ages, who want to help make a difference in the lives of children suffering from facial deformities.
In OS Central, students can connect with friends and other students from around the world who are committed to the same cause. Through sharing ideas on blogs and starting discussions on topics such as fundraising, service projects, awareness activities, starting or leading a club or increasing club membership, students can be a resource for one another to help raise awareness for the mission of Operation Smile - and ultimately change children’s lives.
When students join OS Central, they can create a personal profile, join and create online groups, read and create blogs and mission stories, access tools to help start or run a school club, and learn how they can become an activist. Students can also upload videos to help spread awareness, share pictures from recent fundraisers or missions, and share documents with their Operation Smile Club or other youth activists around the world.
As a member of an Operation Smile club, students learn the core values of Leadership, Education, Service and Philanthropy. Operation Smile’s Student Programs currently supports thousands of students from more than 600 clubs around the world. With OS Central, the Student Programs team can now easily connect, engage and help provide resources for students and clubs, regardless of their location.
Student Programs expects OS Central to become a primary platform for students from kindergarten to college, to share information, empower youth to lead, and motivate a new generation of involvement and service.
Check out and join OS Central today! See how youth around the world are making a difference and how you can too!