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Friday, February 5, 2010

Front Page

I made the front page of the school newspaper! AND I had a "continued on page.." inside!! :D
I'm hoping that the publicity will help me gather donations from my classmates since I'm not allowed to advertise at school otherwise since we are an "underground" club (sortof like LAX).
{My debut on the front page!}

Thanks so much to Caroline Machado who has always been amazing towards me and my op smile ventures. She is an incredible girl who will go places and do outstanding things. Caroline is a fantastic reporter for the newspaper staff who approached me and asked if she could do anything to help by putting it in the paper.
{Caroline and I at the Firehouse Car wash  "Tunnel of Terror" Fundraiser for Op Smile in SL where she came with me in the frigid rain and snow this October to support OS}

There are kind souls in every single aspect of our lives. Thank you Caroline! 

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