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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Day Makers.. Make me Smile:) and [quick] UPDATE

Student Programs is absolutely amazing (understatement). This is a video that Brittany Williams, Amanda Bryer, and Suzanne Unger (the head momma's of OSSP) put together. It's called "Daymakers". It most definitely made my day and made me smile!

Thanks to these women and the beautiful masses that settle in our Headquarters in Norfolk, I have the most amazing passion for life and Op Smile. I can't post videos on my blog for some reason (don't worry, I'll find out why it doesn't let me so I can post the video journals I'm planning on doing in Jordan), so here is the link. PLEASE watch it. Now. Here. Please? :)

Amanda (The cupcake queen in pink)  is my mission sponsor- I get to go with her to Jordan!!! yay yay yay* Talk about LUCKY. Yeah, that's right. Deneen and Deanna might have Robert Pruitt next month, but I get her! She is so fun and I know that Taylor and I  will have such a great time together with her! :)

I did a series of photos to raise awareness for Operation Smile earlier this school year to find out what made Braves smile. It was a HUGE success. Here are a few, and I'll include the link so that you can see more! :)
{my kimmy jo mo- the other asian at my school;)}

{my megannly!}

{bhs debate take state! :)}

{beating WX! [woods cross] our biggest rivals-- we carried the tradition of excellence the whole week of games we had with them that week:)}

{my beautiful nieces- kyli shae and charli elizabeth. love them more than anything in the world. they make me smile}

{mine- for all who know me well, ever since my first  islc in '08 i made a promise to myself and to hollie tyrell that i would go to ireland within the next 5 years. irish people and everything about ireland ever since i met them in san diego just.. ahh. i love it. also, for anyone who knows me well knows that i'll be there before 2015. so for all the skeptics, watch for a postcard!}

Hope you enjoyed them and hope they made you smile a little bit. There are about 150 more, which you can see by clicking HERE. 

        • The QUICK update
        • Taylor had a swim meet today- hope it went well Tay!
        • I'm presentation-mania this weekend! :D
        • I'm working on my puppy dog face so they'll allow me to take wayyy* over the weight limit in DONATIONS!. 
        • I need to find an alternative to a fanny pack and luggage big enough for my stuff
        • I got a donation yesterday easily worth about $1000 upward. Wow. SO blown away (pics to come)!
          • I picked up 3 donations yesterday
            • 2 today
              • More this weekend! :D
    • I gave a schpeel about Operation Smile at dinner on my date tonight to the waitress- after, my poor boy looked at me and said "Wow, woo lil' miss advertising" or something like that about marketing haha that's why I won a medal at DECA regions:)

Make someone smile today:)

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