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Friday, February 19, 2010

Clipper Day

Today while I was scrambling to cram for a big math test my good friend Ang turns to me and says:
 "Lis, I saw your article in the Clipper!"
"The Clipper (our local county newspaper). Haven't you seen it?"
..stunned look..
"The Bountiful Clipper?"
"Like the newspaper one?"
"Ya, didn't you see it?"
"Angela, based on the look on my face, does it seem like I know about this article?"
Cue Mrs. Bradfield to give us a lovely pre-calc honors test.

So, here it is. I guess I was in the Clipper and no, they did NOT interview me or let me know I was going to be in there, which is why a lot of the information is somewhat inaccurate. But it's awesome that they would write about me. Thanks Clipper;) Even though it says something about how I would love to learn Arabic as I am preparing to go to Jordan.. haha I do, but basically all I'll be saying is Shukran! (Thanks!) and Ana laa ahkee Arabee (I don't speak Arabic) :)

Thanks! :) 

Here is a picture of some cards that people made for me to take to the kids... haha Thanks again Mitch, Mary Jayne, and Brynn

Love you all!

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