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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 48 hour countdown begins..

I have 48 hours until the day I leave to Jordan.

Things I still need to do:

  • My Junior Research Paper. Yay. Not.
  • My Governor's Honor's Academy Scholarship that's due while I'm gone. 
  • PACK
    •  thousands of pounds of donations to take to Jordan within a 100lb. weight limit
  • Clean my room
  • Remind my teachers that I won't be there for 2 weeks
    • Remind my teachers that I am NOT going to bring hw to Jordan.
  • Get a converter for my battery charger
  • Download the CD of kid's songs onto my ipod so that I can take them to Jordan to play on my speakers
  • Do my laundry
    • scrubs, op smile shirts.. yeah.
  • Get my absence excused
  • Get my safety emissions done on my car
  • Watch little brother in his Musical as one of leads
  • Laminate my postersssssss
  • Eat salad, drink milk, tap water, beef, and ice cream for the last time in a few weeks
  • Wish the 5 or 6 friends celebrating birthdays while i'm gone a Happy one
  • PACK. 
    • ugh.
It's a lot to pack ahhh I'm scared. But I can do it! :) I can't believe it's so soon. It's unreal. I also have some mission goals that I'll be posting tomorrow or tuesday. Hope you have a great day!


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  1. I think my favorite one was "Remind my teachers that I am NOT going to bring homework to Jordan." haha, depending on the teacher, they would totally ask you to. that's so funny.