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Sunday, January 31, 2010

You'll be going to..

January 19, 2010
This last weekend, I went to Portsmouth, Virginia to take part of Operation Smile's Winter Mission Training Workshop (MTW) with about 40 other students ages 16-18. Selected as ambassadors and student educators for Operation Smile, we were given the amazing opportunity to come together and train to go on an International Medical Mission.
{my AMAZING friends and I in the lovely conference room for classes}

{The BEAUTIFUL view from my room. I watched the sunrise over the water and it was to die for}

It was so awesome to stay in beautifullllll Virginia with all of our friends to grow stronger as leaders, friends, and family. We were inspired and had a million laughs and memories for a lifetime.
{Team Domination}

All week we trained, trained, trained and trained some more with presentations and speakers inbetween. All for one night.. On the final night of the party, we went to the Magee's GORGEOUS home in Norfolk and ate this incredible food, and just partied. We were all nervous and ancy because we had been waiting for mission assignments for a long time.. They kept stalling it and getting our hopes up and it was awful! But I just couldn't wait. I was getting so nervous and excited.
{Some of the girls before our Final Partaayy}

FINALLY. they sat us down and said they were starting.. AHH!!!! I was holding my friend Elizabeth's hand and we were both shaking. Then, they called MY NAME first! I was overjoyed! I knew they were going in order of the first missions. So, I knew I was going pretty soon. I was SO happy at that moment, I thought I was going to cry. Then, they called up my partner- Sasha. Sasha and I had worked together earlier that weekend with our mini presentation groups and they thought we did well together, so they paired us up! :)
{Sasha and I giving our presentation on ORT}

Then, they told us we would be traveling with our mission sponsor-- Miss Amanda Bryer! She is part of the Student Programs Staff and just an AMAZING woman. I'm so glad I get to go with her. I was so nervous... the only thing left was the assignment.. Brittany started. I was shaking.

You'll be going to.... AMMAN, JORDAN!

{Sasha, Amanda looking at me for some reason as I freak out about our mission assignment!}

AHHHHHHHHHHHHhh. I lost it! It was such a cool moment. I hugged Sasha and Amanda and then Brittany told me we would be in Jordan on February 25!! That was SO close!!! THAT was when I lost it!

Amman, Jordan


In case you don't know (Because I didn't), Amman is in the Middle East. It is one country over from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Wowwwwww. This is sooo crazy to me! I can't wait to go.

Right now, I am asking for DONATIONS DONATIONS DONATIONS. I need anything and everything from fingernail polish to blow up globes and soccer balls. Headbands, coloring books, toothbrushes, sidewalk chalk, stuffed animals, toys, crowns, sunglasses, necklaces.. just anything to entertain little kids--- AND teenagers.

I would really appreciate if you could help me out in any of these places.

Love you!!


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