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My New Blog
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Friday, August 6, 2010

I S L C 2 0 1 0

was amazing

Check back soon for a special explanation about my experience coming soon which includes:

MTW Reunion and Best Friends! :)

SO many new and old friends

Inspiring speakers

Heart to Hearts
Many happy tears

My life as a WELC (5:30 am making pudding pies.. )
Jessica and I look eerily alike in this photo...

David Schick

A new drive

Revamped passion

Inspiration to Be the Change.

And many more!! Comin' soon:)

For now, I'm off on an another adventure in California with the family!

Thanks to the ELC's, Staff, Sponsor board and all the many volunteers, speakers and students who contributed to another amazing experience for 400+ students!

I am so thankful I got to meet you all, hope you all made it back home safely, See you soon:)

Have a beautiful week and remember

Smile! :)


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