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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

***1 Click, 803 Smiles***

This is what we accomplished in 2009.. I wonder what we can do to top it in 2010!

Here's a step..

is currently in the running to win $200,000 in the

In order to win, we have ONE more chance to vote for Operation Smile to win the money. Please take the time to vote for Operation Smile by clicking 

There is no sign-up required, no survey to take, as long as you are logged into your Facebook account, you will automatically be eligible to vote. Just one click! We have the chance to create 803 lives. Please help out in any way and pass the word.

This last winter, Operation Smile was a part of a charity contest presented by PayPal called Regift the Fruitcake.  This was just a virtual fruitcake that could be passed on to friends via Facebook. The most regifted fruitcake representing a charity won $20,000. Operation Smile won FIRST PLACE! I know it was not without the incredible student programs and others who helped regift fruitcakes to their friends. Even though it may not seem like your vote or regifting counts, it counts to those in the 51+ countries we operate in today.

My friend Julia Lehmann. She just came home from her mission to Panama (Which you can read about on her MISSION BLOG) I think this is one of the sweetest photos I've seen from a student's mission. These kids are real.

While in Jordan, 104 patients got to have surgery. What immense happiness was in my soul as I witnessed lives transformed before my very eyes. But at the same time, I was so sad as I had to see friends be turned away. Over 400 patients screened, only 104 had surgery due to lack of supplies. THIS VOTE counts to those 300 who didn't get the operations they so badly needed. Please take the few seconds out of your day to vote!

We need YOUR voted by MAY 23rd!

Blog, Facebook, Tweet or do anything to pass the word!
Thanks so much for your help!
Smile! :)


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