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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last day of Surgery

Today was the last day of surgery for the mission. I wish I got to go to the hospital, but I went to the school instead which was equally amazing.

We went to the Baptist School- it is a private school.. one of the nicest in Jordan. It is like a million times better than my school! And our school is pretty nice! So we went and did presentations to the KG1, KG2 and 2 other classes. Together, Taylor and I still had over 200 toothbrushes easy- so we gave them to each of the classes we presented to and then we met with the Principal of the school. Two students showed us around the campus which was SO wonderful. They were a year older than us. So nice. So we started our first presentation and then the translator started talking and the kids are all like uh.. ok.? ALL the kids there know English and Arabic. A lot of them are actually caucasian or asian, irish.. The school is from all over. And not everyone there is Baptist either. So it was a really cool thing. They ate up our presentations and we did a really good job. I LOVE teaching. I seriously am in love with children. I think I will be found in the childcare center at school if you can't find me.

Well, once we met with the principal, they treated us to a lunch and cookies and the principal talked to us about the school and how it stresses service and integrity and all these values. I saw all of it evident in the students. A lot of students came earlier in the week to volunteer during the mission. They took time off of school and so I was REALLY glad that I got to see them and go to their school. They are fantastic people and new wonderful, wonderful friends. After our really official and intimidating meeting with the school officials, they gave us beautiful gifts and then we were taken to the upper school. All the kids- even seniors- have a 20 minute recess! Ahhhh. So jealous. It is really cool they go outside and they hang out and eat and just take a breather. But we got to go see them while they were at recess so I ran outside and instantly I saw my friends and we all screamed as girls do and hugged and oh- it was just one of the best moments of the entire mission.

So we talked for a minute but we were rushed and so we went back inside and the girls were taking me to their physics class and they were so girly and oh my gosh we were like best friends. It was so sad when we left.. but I just ran in their classroom really quick and met the teacher and he shook my hand and everyone laughed. It was so priceless. Then all the guys were like laughing and saying something while the girls we were just all hugging and havig an amazing time together. My tears welled up in my eyes as I watched my new soul sisters wave bye to me. Even after maybe a day or two together, we have become such good friends. I felt wetness on my face as I walked away from the classroom. I would have sat in Physics for 3 days if I could be with my friends. Even now, I am kindof choking up at the strength, friendship and love that brings us together. It was so hard to leave, but I didn't say goodbye but I said 'See you soon'. Because I'm going back to Jordan (So far my list is 1) Ireland. 2) South Africa and now 3) Jordan).

After, our volunteer that was showing us around took us to get K'nafa and Falafal. The MOST amazinggggggggggggggggggg things to eat ever. I will struggle until I have some in my stomach back in Utah. K'nafa is like cheese- it's sweet though. It doesn't taste like cheese, but it's cheese and it has this sugary syrup and crunchyish stuff on top. it is DIVINE. Falafal (pronounced fall-ah-full) is ground up chick peas, beans, and other stuff that is fried and then put in pita with some homous and other things. Oh it was freaking delicious.

Taylor and I have laughed so much together while we've been here. It's fun to talk about the differences and similiarities we both have. She is doing great- we have become good friends and we have so many memories together that no one  else will understand. Last night, we bought a ton of stuff at the souvenir store and so when we got back to the hotel I was jsut getting ready for bed and I was like trying on one of my scarves or something and I was saying "Oh Taylor- why don't you.." and I turned around, and Taylor just is standing there with a traditional red and white head scarf

like this
that the people wear with a huge smile on her face. I laughed for ten minutes straight. Serious. So I put on one of my scarves that I got and we made a video. So dont' worry. We're cool.

Amanda is also great. Everyone here thinks she is one of us and then she rolls her eyes when she has to say she is 26 and our chaperone. She is like the Elle Woods of Operation Smile. It's hilarious. I have actually started to pick up some of her mannerisns and the way she talks. She is so funny it just cracks me up. Just the things she says and the ways she says them. Whenever she says something.. I always just say "Amanda, you would". Like we were driving around to the Refugee camp yesterday and she's like "Oh! A bug!! :) " so Taylor and I are kindof nervous saying where?! Because I got bit by a bug a few days ago and started rashing all over my face for a while (Idk if it was bc of the bug). But she was pointing to a little green, (tunacan haha) VW bug like the car. And then she went on to explain that she drives one. And it's convertible. A convertible silver bug. "Amanda, you would". And then someone was asking about if kiwi's were expensive here or plentiful and stuff bc we have seen a lot of them at the fruit stands and she gasps and says "that's my dog's name!" And then I was thinking Ya, Amanda would name her dog Kiwi. And then we found out that it was an 8lb miniture weiner dog. She would. :) I love it. She has been a great sponsor. I am jealous of her position. She has one of the best positions ever.

I don't know if I will post again from Jordan- so I just wnt to thank all the volunteers and people who have helped me grow this week and a half to want to become the best person that I can possibly be. Thank you for your love, your care, your respect, your hospitality, your smiles, your laughs,  your jokes, your rides, your lessons, your helping hand, your offerings, your children, your patience, your kindness, your instruction, your generosity, and your sincerity. They have changed me. They have made me want to change. They have motivated me to become as wonderful of a person as you. Thank you.

Also, thank you to everyone back in the States who have supported me all this time. Your comments and your love radiates all the way to the middle east. Even though there is an enormous amount of love already present here, It just magnifies it even more.

Tonight is our final party. I really hope to see all of the kind souls that I have met this week there. Tomorrow, we are going to Petra. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world. I am so excited.

our flight leaves at 12:10am on Saturday (Fri night) and gets into new york at 6:15 I think (13 hours!). Then my filght from JFK to SLC is at 9ish and my flight lands in Utah at 12:58pm or something in the afternoon. I expect balloons, posters, banners, and an entourage there!! Hahah just kidding.

I can't believe that this is already over. We have changed lives. We have made the world a little bit better. Some kids have a few more toys. A lot of people smiled. Jordan has changed me.

I can't WAIT to post picutres. Each and every single one has a beautiful story.

Always, Liza- ps: I totally know how to write my name and i put it into translator and they did it right!!!! :D


  1. AWWWWW :) I'm glad that you posted again. Sounds like you had an amazing last day and have fun in Petra! <3 you

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you had an awesome time! (I think nj needs to be on your list of travels haha) Petra sounds awesome too. Have fun!



  3. Amen on that, I think it so AMAZING everything you have done so far in your life, cheers to that and wow..I love operation smile I been donating money to them for two years now and I am so ready to help them anyway I can, I'm a mother of three and work full time so I know I can't do the amazing things you will do for them but I want to help anyway I can.

    I agree 100% that little buy little this world can become a better place and it starts with you.