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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day... ??

I've lost track of what day it is. I just got back from dinner with the team and I am so exhuasted so this is a recap in about 5 sentences

1) Spent almost all day in the OR today. We got to observe several surgeries. It was really crazy just seeing how the amazing doctors, surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists work together so well to do these surgeries. I got to see some surgeries for some kids that I had the chance to get to know before and it was so awesome to be able to follow them from pre op to the OR to recovery to post op. I have so much respect for these incredible doctors who make miracles.

2) It didn't rain today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I've LOVED the rain, we went to breakfast (The  restaurant on the top floor of our hotel-- It's alllllllllllll glass on every wall and overlooks everywhere. It is GORGEOUS) and we saw the sunrise up on over the city and it WASN'T raining! Wow. It was really nice

3) The Orphanage we visited yesterday was.. interesting. We got to do some presentations in a kindergarten class. Pictures will explain better than words.

4) I have had hiccups all day except for a few hours we were in the OR. The kids got a kick out of it.

5) Pita bread is NOT called pita bread and you WILL get made fun of if you choose to call it so. It is called "Kobiz" pronounced "Hubez" but with that throaty sound that I can't make. You'll also get made fun of if you try to do it. haha

6) I am going to a refugee camp tomorrow for Palestinian people. It should be awesome. Can't wait to tell you all about it.

7) I had a really tender moment today as I was in recovery- One of the recovery nurses-- Omar, (He is one of my good good friends now), he was doing his thing and he handed me a little like hose type thing that had steam coming out of it with something that  helped the patient breathe and not cough after their surgery that he gave to me so that I could hold it close to her mouth and help her. I took it and held it clsoe to her mouth (She had a palate surgery) and started rubbing her back and just calming her. With her tiny little fingers, she grabbed mine and held on. She was a brave, beautiful soul. I also got to watch and follow a patient that was my age. 17. She was so brave and wow.. I couldn't do it. It was so inspiring.

8) Jordanian people eat. A LOT. and it's DELICIOUS. I'm going to be obsessing trying to find somewhere or somethign to eat that reminds me of home when I get back to utah.

9) I could eat kobiz all day, every day- especially when it's brand new and warm and puffy and delicious-- and I actually ahve. Haha I made that comment at dinner and Amanda was saying that I do. I've eaten Kobiz at every meal since I've been here. There is also this stuff that is like hummous but it's eggplant. Oh it is DIVINE.

10) I went to the grocery store here tonight called Food City and got a ton of candy and treats that are from Jordan:) It was like the Walmart of Jordan. Their food is funny like the drinks we got were called Fizzy Wizzy and there is another drink kinda like Fanta that is called Linda. Hahahahaha I LOVE it.

11) Jordanian people are the most welcoming, hospitable, polite and incredible people ever. All of the parents and the staff at the hotel and everywhere we have been-- they are SO nice to us and when the parents talk to me, they call me "Liza" and they always ask where I'm from and compliment me and they love that I am with their children,. I am honored they trust me with them. I have been able to make so many friendships and relationships with the parents, as well as the patients. Today, I walked into Post Op and guess what?!?!?! That boy, Yousef-- I wrote about him in my first or second post. HE GOT SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His mother was overjoyed when she saw me. She reckoned me over to her and smiled and just was like wanting me to see her beautiful boy. She told me a few days ago that she wanted me to tell Yousef's story back  home. And I will.

12) My knees are bruised and permanently sore from kneeling on the ground with kids, running getting balls and playing volleyball, chasing kids, blowing bubbles for crying kids, giving presentations. I love them. They are my battle wounds from the most amaznig experience of my life.

13) I've basically eaten anythign and everything that I have had set in front of me. I tried lamb, so that is off my goal list. I have tried something new every day, which was on my goal list. I even so ventured to disobey doctors orders and eat fruit and veggies that can't be peeled. Oh well. I'm with a team of over 100 dcotoros and nurses and they are eating it, so it's ok. If I die, I die Happy and content:)

14) Yesterday, Omar took a bunch of us to a Lebanese place called Lebnani Snack. It was way good. Leslie and I were looknig at the ice cream and it came only in 1 Kilos. So we ordered it hahahahaha and then the guy must have been so taken aback by Leslie's beauty that he gave us an extra half kilo for free. So like 3 pounds of ice cream came out and we just asked for every flavor. We called it the Tastes of Jordan. It was incredibly fun just being with our team of 8. We joke and Dr. Marty calls me Mountain Girl and we just have such a good time. The night before, Amanda, Taylor, Leslie and myself went to the chinese rest. right across the street from our hotel because we were tired and we heard it was good. We were SO tired. So you can imagine how much we laughed. Well, in our packets we got it said there was a 15% discount for Op smile ppl so we go and tried to explain the discount and oh wow.. I guss you had to be there. There was no discount, but they gave us "special chinese tea  on the house" since they felt bad but it was the EXACT same tea taht they had brought out for us when we got there that is like complimentary anyways. We had a laugh as Leslie and I watched Taylior and Amanda drink.

15) The really nice guys at the restaurant upstaris where we eat breakfast daily were SO nice and they remembered that we had gotten hot chocolate the day before and they brought it out for us today! It is all milk and frothy and delicious. It was way nice of them. Breakfast is SO good every single day.

16) Well, this post was only going to be 5 subpoints.. haha I'm about to pass out in exhaustion.

17) I wil sleep for 3 days when I get home.

18) I underpacked.

19) Tomorrow is the refugee camp. Oh wait. I already said that.

20) Ok well I'm losing my mind. I can't wait to see you all. I love you, I don't really miss you, haha but I definitely am praying for you all wherever you are.

21) Whoever is going on your missions next: I will post an especially long post on here and oscentral on the best mission tips that I can offer. I have thought of a TON.

22) I don't think it's legal to be this exhausted. But I have never been happier in my life. I am so content here.



  1. It all sounds so glorious! I want to be there so bad!! haha Maybe someday I'll be one of the nurses helping out over there. :) Thanks for all the detail you put in your posts. It makes me feel like I'm there with you (in a way), and I love it! Can't wait for your next post! Love ya.

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds soo awesome!

  3. Lisa!! I read your blog everyday and it sounds amazing! This is a lot of ice cream hahaha. I can't wait to hear more.


  4. Hey Lisa! Like my sister Samantha, I read your blog everytime you have a new post and it is inspiring...all the little tips you say I write down so that way when I pack for my mission...(which is in 7 days!!!) i will be able to remember them. Any other tid bits of information in regards to packing, toys, activiites etc...let me know if you have time!!! :) Keep up the good work! I can tell you are having a wonderful time and I cannot wait till you come back and tell me all about it.

    With Love...Deanna